How To Have High Dps And High Toughness

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How To Have High Dps And High Toughness

Best weapon choice for dps/healer/tank /troller | dcuofaq, Thats really simple. if you are tank you have to choose close range weapon with dominance and defense bonus. the best choice is staff (give +18 dominance and defense. Rage dps guide | dcuo bloguide, Rage players eradicate their enemies through blind rage.this power is available by buying it from marketplace with 600 station cash. rage dps guide updated to gu58. Neverwinter cleric dps hybrid guide | guidescroll, Neverwinter cleric dps hybrid guide by wintersmercy. aim. the purpose of this build/post is to provide a dps-focused build for the devoted cleric with the divine.

Tempest - staff dps (r) - metabattle, Overview. the tempest staff build. this build offers very high damage and decent utility. skill bar.

Defender max dps | can-am, Take control with the defender max dps that features comfortable dynamic power steering (dps), lightweight wheels and tires, adaptable storage, visco lok qe and more. Tempest - fresh air dps (r) - metabattle, Overview. a fresh air build based on overload air which shines on small hitboand moving targets. for targets with big hitboa staff build will result in higher.

Guardian fighter buffing/tank | mmominds, I’m pretty sure i mentioned it earlier while i talked about the artifacts but what i use you do not have to use. there’s some good sigils you can use that are free..

Gw2 ranger pve clguide by lorek and cell - dulfy, Gw2 ranger pve clguide written by lorek and cell of [rt]. this is a third in a series of pve clguides written by members of a [rt], a dungeon s.d running guild.. Gw2 necromancer pve guide by spoj - dulfy, Dagger mainhand. the dagger is the necromancers strongest one-handed weapon. and the primary main-hand for pve due to its high dps auto-attack. its other skills are.

Kelldenn's mod 10 buff/tank build | mmominds, Conclusion so in summary i have discussed my choices of feats, powers, rotations and all that lovely stuff for all of you to indulge in. i do hope you’ve enjoyed.