Wendy's Is Roasting People On Twitter

Wendy’s is roasting people on twitter, and it’s hilarious, The wendy's twitter account has been sending out some pretty hilarious tweets. the roast-spree started with a user who thought wendy's didn't use fresh. Wendy’s is roasting people on twitter, and it’s just too, Wendy's fast food chain might be named after a sweet little, but don't be fooled by that seemingly innocent exterior. beneath that sign lurks a world of s., as. Wendy's is roasting people on twitter - you., In this reaction time episode i reacted to hilarious roasts tweeted out by a fast food company known as wendy's for video submissions e-mail.

Is wendy's winning or losing with its twitter - forbes, Is wendy's really benefiting from their twitter roasting streak? and if so, can your brand benefit the same way?.

Wendy's roasts people on twitter!! - you., Subscribe and help me hit 1,400,000 little cuties! ^^ watch me react to wendy's roasting people on twitter! kyuties! can we get this video to 5k likes?! i. Wendy's won and lost a twitter troll war - business insider, Wendy's went from roasting trolls on twitter to accidentally posting a symbol in just one day..

Wendy's just trolled someone so hard he deleted his, Social media accounts that give nos are your new favorite thing. specifically, the wendy’s twitter account. they just owned a twitter troll so bad he was left.

This dude’s crazy viral tweet could earn him free wendy’s, This dude’s tweet for free wendy’s nuggets could become the most popular tweet ever (15 photos). Mcdonald's twitter hack blasts donald trump and his "tiny, Welcome to mcdonald's. have you tried the big hack? it appears somebody who accessed mcdonald's corporate twitter account thursday has a beef with president donald.

Why do some still images trigger seizures?, By now, most people are aware of strobe lights’ ability to induce photosensitive epileptic seizures. a troll allegedly gave a journalist a seizure with a tweet..