Wendy's Is Roasting People On Twitter

Wendy’s is roasting people on twitter, and it’s hilarious, The wendy's twitter account has been sending out some pretty hilarious tweets. the roast-spree started with a user who thought wendy's didn't use fresh. Wendy’s is roasting people on twitter, and it’s just too, Wendy's fast food chain might be named after a sweet little, but don't be fooled by that seemingly innocent exterior. beneath that sign lurks a world of s., as. Wendy’s continues its roasting rampage on twitter (21, Earlier this week, wendy’s blew up twitter when they absolutely roasted a dude for questioning their motto. it’s not the first time wendy’s has.

Is wendy's winning or losing with its twitter roasting streak?, Is wendy's really benefiting from their twitter roasting streak? and if so, can your brand benefit the same way?.

Wendy's just trolled someone so hard he deleted his, Last week, the wendy’s twitter account posted this tweet about their beef: someone decided to roll into wendy’s mentions with this: ouch. we’ve never laughed at. Wendy's won and lost a twitter troll war - business insider, Wendy's won and lost an epic twitter troll war in just 24 hours.

The wendy’s twitter account is owning everyone today, Wendy’s has differentiated itself in the fast food world with its claim that its beef is “always fresh, never frozen.” so it was pretty much a non-event when at.

5 findings from wendy’s epic week on twitter | simply measured, Last week, my boss sent over this article about wendy’s twitter exchange with thuggy-d and asked me toyze how has it impacted the brand on that platform. i.