[Minecraft 1.10] - Magma Armor & Tools In "Only One Command"

Magma armor & tools in "only one command" - pastebin.com, Summon fallingsand ~ ~1 ~ {block:stone,time:1,p.engers:[{id:fallingsand,block:redstone_block,time:1,p.engers:[{id:fallingsand,block:activator_rail,time:1. 10 best commands for minecraft 1.10 survival - you., Hey guys itszender! today i created 10 simple commands that will help improve your minecraft 1.9 survival experience. i worked on this project with. Minecraft one command block- better transportation [1.9, This command was made for 1.9 but it should work in 1.10 if you review this, you must leave a link to my youchannel in the description command: http.