BEsT Town Hall 8 (Th8) War BaSe Anti Everything 2016! + Defense REPLAYS - Clash Of Clans

Clash of clans - town hall 8 (th8) best war base - you., Town hall 8 (th8) clan war/trophy base anti hogs/anti air dragons/anti gowipe 2015 replay with air sweeper update. note: now because this base is popular. Coc th8 war base + air sweeper / town hall 8 defence anti, Coc th8 war base + air sweeper / town hall 8 defence anti dragon, anti hogs 2016 for more clash of clans (coc) videos 8 best th8 war bases anti gowipe with bomb tower 2016, Town hall 8 war base anti goho with bomb tower have a great day clashers. so which base u like the most ??. if u have any best town hall 8 war bases let us know in.

Town hall 8 war base 2016 - clash of clans land, Kyoukai is one of the best th8 war base layouts that i have ever used since the april 2015 update. this base was designed by macstinger, one of my favorite clash of.

Th9 farming base - arcanum | clash of clans land, Th9 farming base – arcanum features: balanced resource protection for all storages. the unique continuous ring can easily redirect all defense targeting troops. 3 anti bowler tactics & base layouts for th10 and th11, Bowlers are still a viable attacking composition. at this time it’s the most frequent i see against my base since miners were nerfed to be useless..

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